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Closed Bug report MAR-79 Mail forwarder role does not allow mail delivery to local accounts
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Current implementation of the mail_forwarder role does not allow any incoming connections to port 25. This prevents external servers, including the smart relay, from delivering mails to the server in case the outgoing mails include one of the local accounts as sender.

This can cause loss of information, especially in terms of things like bounced mails.

Although it might be useful to receive mails from external servers too, it is better to allow incoming mails from the mail relay only (for security purposes).

Steps to reproduce this issue

Reproduction steps:

  1. Send out mail from a server that has mail_forwarder role. Mail should have valid return path to local user, but invalid destination (so it would bounce).

  2. Check the server itself and smart relay to see if bounce has been received.

Expected results:

  1. Mail has been delivered.

Actual results:

  1. Mail is not delivered, and remains stuck in the queue.
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