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Closed Bug report MAR-37 Incorrect documentation for mail server LDAP base DN parameter
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Documentation for the mail server role is incorrect in a couple of ways for the '''mail_service_ldap_base_dn''' parameter.

Namely, parts of docs for the role refer to it as '''MAIL_LDAP_ROOT_DN'''/'''mail_ldap_root_dn'''. It can also be noted that the name and description of this parameter is not clear enough.

In other words, the role actually expects the base DN of the server, so it might be better if it were shortened to mail_ldap_base_dn.
Steps to reproduce this issue
# Build documentaiton.
# Open role reference.
# Review documentation for role '''ldap_server''', in particular pay attention to '''MAIL_LDAP_ROOT_DN''' and '''mail_service_ldap_base_dn'''.
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