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icon_project.png Majic Ansible Roles / Closed Task MAR-161 Make ldap_server_domain parameter mandatory in ldap_server role
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This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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The LDAP server roles provides user with ability to specify by hand the desired domain to use as base for the LDAP directory structure. At the moment this parameter is optional, and defaults to server's own domain instead.

However, in many cases it can happen that server's domain has not been set, has not been set properly, or that it differs from what the LDAP base should be.

It would be better instead to make this specific option mandatory to cover these cases.

The following should be done:

  • Update the ldap_server role.
    • Make the ldap_server_domain option mandatory.
    • Update/de-duplicate tests.
  • Update role reference documentation.
  • Update usage instructions.
  • Update test site configuration.
  • Update release notes.
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