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icon_project.png Majic Ansible Roles / Closed Enhancement MAR-150 On-the-fly generation of private keys and certificates for role tests
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This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Current implementation of tests for the Majic Ansible Roles relies on using pre-generated private keys and X.509 certificates. This has a couple of drawbacks:

  • Making any kind of naming changes around test machine hostnames etc requires issuing new certificates by hand.
  • Certificates need to be renewed by hand upon expiration.
  • Truststores also need to be updated by hand.

It would be much better if the private key and certificate generation was performed "on-the-fly" during the test runs instead.

The following should be done:

  • Switch to using Gimmecert, small tool for quickly generating private keys, CA hierarchies, and issuing certificates.
  • Update roles:
    • ldap_server
    • mail_forwarder
    • mail_server
    • php_website
    • web_server
    • wsgi_website
    • xmpp_server
  • Remove statically generated private keys/certificates.
  • Private key/certificate generation should be kept for the test site itself - only the role tests should be switched over to using Gimmecert.
  • Switch to using the .cert.pem and .key.pem as default extensions for certificates and private keys.
  • Update the release notes.
  • Update the role reference documentation.
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