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Closed Bug report MAR-121 Backups do not work due long key ID used in Duply configuration on Debian Jessie when deploying with Ansible 2.x
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When provisioning backup client on a Debian Jessie server using Ansible 2.x, the backups do not work due to long key ID use in Duply configuration (the cutoff not being correctly done during key ID extraction). In case of Debian Jessie, it is necessary to supply short key ID (in Stretch long key ID is expected).

The issue seems to come from weird interpolation issue in Ansible 2.x. This might be a good candidate to test in a separate instance and report upstream.

The way to resolve this is to update backup_client/defaults/main.yml to exclude the curly brackets around backup_client_gnupg_details.cutoff variable, and instead add the brackets directly within Extract encryption key identifier (Duplicty requires key ID in hexadecimal format) and Extract additional encryption keys identifiers (Duplicty requires key ID in hexadecimal format).

Steps to reproduce this issue

Reproduction steps:

  1. Deploy backup_server role on any server.

  2. Deploy backup_client role on a Debian Jessie server using Ansible 2.x.

  3. Login into the machine and run the backup:

sudo duply main backup

Expected results:

  1. Backup run succeeds without errors.

Actual results:

  1. Backup run fails with the following error:

    --- Start running command BKP at 10:32:57.162 ---
    Sign key should be an 8 character hex string, like 'AA0E73D2'.
    Received 'F66FFBD83290556A' instead.
    10:32:57.245 Task 'BKP' failed with exit code '10'.
    --- Finished state FAILED 'code 10' at 10:32:57.245 - Runtime 00:00:00.082 ---
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