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Open User story GC-36 As a system integrator, I want to be able to generate and use ECDSA keys
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branko (branko) has been working on this issue since May 28, 2020 (14:13)
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As a system integrator, sometimes I need to use ECDSA private keys for both the CA hierarchy and for end entity certificates. This can either help me extend tests to ensure that my applications behave correctly with ECDSA, as well as to ensure that project requirements are met.

Currently Gimmecert will generate only RSA private keys for me. I have possibility to use ECDSA private keys for end entities, but only if I generate the private keys myself, which can feel tedious. Instead, I would like the Gimmecert to generate those keys for me as well, on demand.

I want to be able to:

  • Specify what private key algorithm should be used when initialising the CA hierarchy (RSA/ECDSA).
  • Use the same private key algorithm as used for the CA hierarchy when issuing end entity certificates.
  • Specify what private key algorithm should be used for issuance of individual end entity certificates.
  • Specify the private key size (for RSA) or curve name (for ECDSA), depending on selected algorithm.
  • See what private key algorithm is in use for each certificate when viewing the status.
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