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Open Feature request CONNT-8 Add support for fetching only the recently changed iptables
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A nice feature to have would be the ability for user to keep track of recently changed communications.

The scenario is:

1. User has filled-in a lot of communication information in the application.

2. User notices that a change has to be made for a project in terms of communications.

3. User performs the necessary changes, adding, removing, or modifying the existing communications.

4. User wants to review and/or download only the iptables files for machines that have been affected by the changes.

Proposed solution:

1. Add a new field to the Entity model, which will represent the last update date/time.

2. The user will be able to download all entities that have been modified within certain time period.

3. As a convenience the user should be able to fetch the changes made during last 24 hours, day etc.

Caveats of proposed solution:

1. It's not possible to keep track of deleted entity "updates". I.e. if an entity is deleted completely, this information is not persisted in any way.
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