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Closed Enhancement CONNT-7 Simplify the index page
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 branko (branko)
Jul 09, 2013 - 22:33
CONNT-7CONNT-7 Modified the index view to show listing of projects and entities in two columns. Updated the index test accordingly.
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The current index page involves display of a lot of information that may not be well-suited for that type of a page. Instead of current listing of projects including the project end entities, it may be smarter to have a tabular/list view of all projects available. Next to each project it may be useful to have the delete and modify buttons.

One more change in data displayed on main page would be listing the available locations. This information is not present anywhere else on the website. Similar to project list, each location could have a delete and edit button next to it (for easy access).

The two lists could be shown in two columns, next to each-other.
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