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icon_project.png Conntrackt / Open Task CONNT-34 Implement functional tests
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branko (@branko) has been working on this issue since December 24, 2017 (09:32)
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Prior to working on porting to Bootstrap 4, it would be highly advisable to implement a set of functional tests in order to ensure the functionality is not broken.

This should also help uncover some of the more integration-related regressions down the line.

The following should be done:

  • Implement functional tests:
    • Cover full website functionality.
    • If possible, this should include the changes to the admin interface - otherwise split this up into separate issue.
    • Use Selenium for testing.
    • Use geckodriver for interacting with the Firefox browswer.
    • Use Firefox as browser used for testing.
    • Local development binaries should be used for all purposes to avoid problematic interaction with distro-provided browser etc.
    • Make sure to use page objects to reduce code duplication.
  • Implement additional miscellaneous tests as they crop up:
    • Implement tests for remaining custom template tags.
  • Update development documentation:
    • Add small section describing how to get up-and-running with development environment.
    • Add instructions on how to download the necessary binaries, including geckodriver and Firefox.
    • All binaries should be placed somewhere within the development directory.
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