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icon_project.png Conntrackt / Closed Task CONNT-28 Clean-up existing code and documentation to make the project usable/installable
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This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Since the project has been written long time ago and has not really been maintained, it is heavily outdated, and rather unlikely to be functioning when installed.

Prior to investing more time into upgrading various components, it would be beneficial to clean-up the existing base, and make it fully usable and installable with the existing code and outdated dependencies.

The following should be done:

  • Update documentation:
    • Introduce a development section, covering:
      • Set-up of development environment.
      • Running the application via test/development project.
      • Running tests.
      • How to update the existing development requirements.txt file via pip-tools.
    • State supported Django version in the documentation for installation purposes.
    • Update installation quick-start instructions to use regular pip package installation via PyPI (instead of from repository).
    • Deduplicate documentation in README file.
    • Ensure RTD documentation is building properly.
  • Update requirements handling for both development and installation purposes:
    • Update package requirement resolution to use statically configured requirements section (no pip internals magic).
    • Ensure project depends on correct (old) versions of Django and other packages.
    • Introduce use of pip-tools for keeping development requirements file in sync.
    • Remove test requirements from
  • Rename projtest directory to testproject, ensuring to update any references in documentation to it.
  • Make sure source distribution can be built without warnings.
  • Mirror the project on Bitbucket, updating links for where the source can be downloaded from.
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